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The services we provide would not be possible without the dedication of our staff who work diligently to provide the best support possible to the Readiness Center, and the children and families who pass through our doors. Click here for a video about our program.

Martha Thieneman -  Martha is the Executive Director of the program, she has been on staff since 2008 after years of volunteering and advocating for the center's programs. Martha holds a Master's degree in Nonprofit Administration from the University of Notre Dame. Martha is an Associate with the Sisters of Mercy and will continue the legacy of a "Mercy presence" at the center.

Shari Lusk - Shari has been with the Readiness Center since 1991. In that time she has watched many children come and go through the pre-school program. Shari loves watching the children progress through the program and seeing them grow. She helps supervise playtime. (Pictured here)

Angelique Hines - Since 1998, Angie has helped keep the office running smoothly and recently took on the additional role of transportation. Angie loves watching the children come and go through the center, often running past the office in their excitement to start their day, or crying on their way out because they don't want to leave.

Christine Sherene - Christine is the Parent Coordinator at the Readiness Center. She loves learning the new personalities the children and their parents bring to the center. Christine especially loves getting the dads involved in projects, telling them they "won't lose any cool points." Christine brings creativity and energy to the parent room.

Teara Richardson - A former "City Kid" and Teen Mentor, Teara returned to the Readiness Center as a preschool aide. She has become the "Dancing Queen" as she leads the children in creative movement once a week. She also helps guide the three year olds and their parents during parent/child time

Diane Underwood - Diane is the lead teacher in the preschool classroom and the after-school program. Diane comes to the Readiness Center with over 30 years of teaching experience and brings her love for working with parents and children. Diane started as a volunteer with our summer program and has been on staff full-time since 2017.

Paulita Walters, RSM - Sister Paulita is the Founder of the Readiness Center, her vision and dedication brought the Readiness Center from a dream with humble beginnings to the legacy the program has become in the community. Sister Paulita remains a presence at the Readiness Center as a full-time volunteer.


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