Follow the links below to learn more about some of our partners and other community resources. We are grateful to each of our partners for the support they have given us in various forms. These are just a few of the many organizations that have helped make the Readiness Center a success.

Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

The Sisters of Mercy - The Sisters of Mercy have provided many generous grants, as well as subsidizing the salary of Sister Paulita for over 30 years.

 Diocese of Kalamazoo 

SS. John & BernardSt. Joseph Catholic and the Diocese of Kalamazoo - The Catholic community has been a generous partner through the diocese and the parishes providing a rent- and utility-free space and the volunteer efforts of many parishioners.

Our Lady of the Lake Catholic School (formerly Lake Michigan Catholic) provides a variety of in-kind donations and service by the students.

Berrien Community Foundation - Our programs are made possible in part thanks to grants from Donor Advised Funds and special grants like the Stephen E. Upton LoveYour Communtiy Grant given through Berrien Community Foundation.

Two Piers Interactive Logo

Two Piers Interactive - We are grateful for the help of Brian at Two Piers Interactive for his generous donation of time and expertise creating our website.


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